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An Extra "Promotion" When I Made 4th Degree Black Belt | Pacific Wave Jiu-jitsu

An Extra “Promotion” When I Made 4th Degree Black Belt

I was going through my old certificates last night, most of which usually sit in envelopes locked away in office drawers, and my husband noticed something I hadn’t seen before. Let’s see if you can find what’s wrong with this certificate:

Apparently I got a sex change when I earned the rank of 4th Dan. It seems fitting that my husband was the first to notice this. I thought it was pretty hilarious and shared the humour on Facebook, fully expecting a variety of amusing replies, some of which included:

“I knew it! Ha busted! Lol :)”

“So that’s what happens behind closed doors at these things. No wonder nobody talks about Dan gradings. Thank god the Brits aren’t into that.”

“Congratulations on your new identity; at the summer camp, we’ll talk about car maintenance, power tools, fishing and maybe NASCAR. Okay, maybe not :)”

“Sounds like got promoted to a man as well.”

“Gender bender Jitsu?”

“The sex change pre-dates the yondan by a large margin IMO.”

“This explains why you were able to “take” me when we grappled 😉 (Please don’t beat me up for posting that hilarious comment).”

“At yondan you become a machine so gender does not matter.”

So what can we all take away from this? Don’t take life too seriously. See the humour in every situation. Oh, and stick to gender neutral terms on certificates to avoid these kinds of mishaps. 😉

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2 thoughts on “An Extra “Promotion” When I Made 4th Degree Black Belt

  1. Warning: reaching fourth dan may induce drastic bodily changes which may or may not be permanent.

    @Chris: I didn’t know you were gay. (lol)

    @Lori: don’t take it too hard, I’m sure they meant it as a compliment ;-).

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