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My Promotion to Yondan | Pacific Wave Jiu-jitsu

My Promotion to Yondan

I have some good news to share here on the blogosphere. After reviewing my 6,000 word written thesis on knife defense, as well as my teaching skills in a recent knife defense course that I instructed, among other things appropriately chosen by my superiors, my Sensei, Ed Hiscoe Shihan, informed me that I am to be promoted to Yondan, 4th degree black belt, in the art of Can-ryu Jiu-jitsu.

My belt will be presented to me by Steve Hiscoe Shihan (my Sensei’s son) at the upcoming black belt seminar in Chilliwack, BC. I’ll be teaching a two-hour course covering higher level ground defense curriculum that day. This is another milestone in my 17-year career in the martial arts.

Thanks everyone for all your support past, present and future!

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9 thoughts on “My Promotion to Yondan

  1. 6000 words? OMG. I only had to do something like that for my MBA program. So … hearty congratulations! Colin

  2. Thanks for all your support everyone! This blog has been an invaluable tool, allowing me to bounce ideas of my readers. Go-kurosamadeshita!

  3. Rob,

    Thanks for your sentiments. I accidentally mis-clicked and rejected your comment though. You asked why I chose knife defense. I didn't actually choose it. It was assigned to me.


  4. I like the concept of submitting a written thesis as part of your grading. It's not something I've come across before in jujitsu/judo but it has existed in Italian fencing for centuries and I think it makes a lot of sense.

  5. Congratulations Lori,

    I just did a word count on mine and it was just over 3000 words (I did for my Godan). It is funny the different requirements for each system… for my Yodan I had to create 10 techniques and 2 kata.

  6. Thanks again everyone! Rob, I agree. I think at the higher levels writing a thesis makes sense. It was a lot of work, but well worth the effort.

    John, the funny thing is that they never told me that it should be 6,000 words long, I just wrote it until I thought I covered enough ground to address the various points I was told to cover. Sound like what you did for Yondan must have been fun!

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