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8 Day-to-Day Habits to Improve Mental & Physical Health

Everyone wants to be healthy and there are a wide variety of practices that one can undertake to contribute to good health. Many people, after feeling their health take a downward slide over a period of weeks, months, even years, say to themselves, “I’m going to make some big changes and get healthy again!” But all too often, they try to do too many things or tackle such huge goals that the lifestyle is too difficult to maintain.

I wouldn’t say that I do everything possible to be as healthy as I can be, but I do have consistent routines that make it easy to maintain a consistent state of health that I’m happy with. I believe that if you really want to be healthy and stay healthy, you have to adopt day-to-day practices that aren’t overwhelming, ones that you can easily commit to maintaining. Then you can keep adding more as you successfully adopt them into your routine. (more…)
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