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Throwing & Being Thrown as a Workout | Pacific Wave Jiu-jitsu

Throwing & Being Thrown as a Workout

The following day after a recent Shorinji Kan class, I woke up with sore muscles all over my body. This surprised me because I’m in pretty good shape and I hadn’t thought the class overly intense. And yet my muscles seemed to disagree with that conclusion.

After some thought I realized that the class had done more throwing than I had done in a while. I had led classes that had throwing in them, but I hadn’t actually taken part in such a class in some time.

Throwing, and particularly being thrown, is a great all-over workout. It uses all the muscles in your body from your neck down to your legs. And if you enjoy the training of throwing and being thrown, you don’t even notice how much work you’re doing at the time. If you do a lot of it, you can build up good endurance for martial arts training.

That’s why I like to do power throwing as an exercise on occasion in my classes. Students basically do their throws with a partner repeatedly with speed and power for a set amount of time, usually around 2-3 minutes. One partner throws the other and immediately after being thrown the uke bounces up and throws his or her partner in return. Lather, rinse, repeat, until the time period is up. I usually give my students a 1-minute break after which the students do a second round.

I highly recommend this as an intensity exercise for students with enough throwing experience. Throwing and being thrown repeatedly over longer periods of time is also a good way to develop the endurance that is required for higher level belt tests that are longer in duration.

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2 thoughts on “Throwing & Being Thrown as a Workout

  1. Throwing alot at full speed is a good exercise, aswell as receiving them. However if overdone it can lead to bad throwing-form, aswell as injuries. We used to throw each other for hundreds of times (usually forming two rows, after 10 throws you'd move up in the line untill everybody was done) but as you get exhausted you completely forget about form and usually your partner goes down as a courtesy (chances are he'll be as tired as you), lazy partners force you to actually lift them off the ground which is very bad for your back. A friend of mine ruined his back this way (hernia) with recurring problems to this day. Hard throwing is a good exercise yet can be dangerous when overdone or badly supervised.

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