6 Favourite Movie Fight Scenes for Inspiration

I have a few students getting ready for belt tests. I know that many people have a tradition of watching their favourite martial arts movies the night before a test to help pump them up. I imagine people also do this before big competitions as well. Anyway, I’ve put together a list of my 6 favourite martial arts movie fights that each have their own themes for motivation.

1) Legend of the Drunken Master: “Jackie Chan Fighting Hoodlums while Drunk”

Motivational Theme: Turn disadvantage into advantage.
2) The Matrix: “Neo vs. Morpheus”
Motivational Theme: Always listen to Sensei.

3) Ip Man: “Ip Man vs. 10 Karate Black Belts”

Motivational Theme: Overcome the odds.
4) Hero: “Nameless vs. Sky” (Jet Li vs. Donnie Yen)

Motivational Theme: Your battles are fought and won first and foremost in the mind.
5) The Protector: “Longest Uncut Fight Scene” (Tony Jaa)
Motivational Theme: Keep moving!

6) Serenity: “All the Fights with River Tam” (Summer Glau)
Motivational Theme: Even the very small can be an indomitable force.

What are your favourite martial art fight scenes to watch before a belt test, competition or other event? Please share yours in the comments. If it has one for you, list the motivational theme for the scene.
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