Jiu-jitsu Sensei’s Top 10 Articles on Self-Defense

Top 10 Articles on Self-DefenseWe’ve been writing this blog for over 7 years now, and there are a number of articles we’ve featured that have received the most interest. Some are more recent, some go back a while. Today, we’re going to feature the top 10 articles related to self-defense in the history of our site. Here they are below. Enjoy!

1. 6 Tactical Disadvantages of Fighting on the Ground

2. 4 Common Problems with Women’s Self-Defense Classes

3. 4 Key Principles for Defending Against Larger Attackers

4. How to Use Adrenaline for Martial Arts & Self-Defense

5. Staying Aware: 5 Warning Signs Preceding an Assault

6. My Top 5 Favourite Stand-up Strikes for Self-Defense

7. My Top 5 Favourite Vital Target Attacks for Ground Defense

8. 5 Rules of Street-Oriented Ground Defense

9. 3 Things You Must Know for Defending Against Multiple Attackers

10. The Power of Intention in Self-Defense

Which of these articles did you find most useful or interesting? Please share your thoughts in the comments. 🙂

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One thought on “Jiu-jitsu Sensei’s Top 10 Articles on Self-Defense

  1. I’d opt for article number 2 since it was least known to me. I seem to remember we had quite an interesting discussion on that subject.

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