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Top 10 Posts about Personal Development in the Martial ArtsIf you read our blog regularly, you probably know that we are strong proponents of personal development in and through the martial arts. Learning self-defense and getting/staying fit are the main reasons most students join us, but the ones that stay over the long term usually find other less obvious benefits that seep into them over time through their training.  Today, we’re going to feature the top 10 articles related to personal development in and through the martial arts in the history of our site. Here they are below. Enjoy!

1. 3 Methods for Learning Martial Arts More Efficiently and Effectively.

2. Black Belt is Where the Real Learning Begins: Putting the Saying into Practice.

3. The Benefits of an Accountability Buddy.

4. Fail Better: How to Learn from Your Mistakes.

5. The Value of Visualization in the Martial Arts.

6. Taking Responsibility for Higher Learning.

7. The Importance of Self-Belief in the Martial Arts (or Anything!).

8. Focus Your Mind/Go with the Flow: Martial Arts Training Tips.

9. Getting into and Maintaining the Martial Arts Training Habit.

10. How Do Your Negative Behaviours Reward You?

11. Bonus: The Importance of Focus & Ways to Improve It for the Martial Arts (or Anything!) (*I couldn’t decide which last one to cut, so I just included this one too)

Which of these articles did you find most useful or interesting? Please share your thoughts in the comments. 🙂

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