Martial Herbs Strength: Product Review

martial herbs strengthA couple of months back, I was contacted by Martial Herbs to review a couple of their products, their “Martial Herbs Strength” and “Martial Herbs Recovery.” Unfortunately, due to some issues with Canadian Border Services, I only got “Strength” so it is the only one I can review from experience.

The marketing materials for Martial Herbs strength touts high claims such as “enhanced cellular signalling for swifter movement and response,” “optimized hydration through vital electrolytes” to help you “train harder and longer”, “rapid reduction of free radicals to stave off muscle fatigue and soreness.” It costs £22 (UK currency) for a bottle of 60 tablets, of which they recommend taking  a general rule, I have a healthy scepticism when it comes to gimmicky products like this, but I have an open enough mind to try the things before taking a stance. I took Martial Herbs Strength, 1 every day until I finish the bottle. 

Personally, I didn’t experience any noticeable differences while taking these herbs, but then I eat really healthily with plenty of range in my diet, and lots of plant content. I also have a very well established routine for eating the right amount of carbs/proteins pre- and -post workouts to maximize training energy and minimize recovery. So even though I train hard and often, I don’t seem to get very sore as a general rule. People might notice more of a difference using these herbs if they didn’t have a structured approach to their eating strategy.

But just because I didn’t notice a difference, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. When trying new things though, try to find out if you can get a smaller smaller size that you can try out before dolling out any serious cash. Some naturopathic remedies have worked quite well for me. I use arnica gel regularly to help relieve inflammation in acute injuries such as sprains and bruises.


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