Nerf Warz: Dinner’s On

A clueless husband. A ruthless wife. An ominous note. One shot decides who takes care of dinner.

This Christmas day, Chris and I would like to share a film project we worked on together. We shot this video in our home over two 8-hour shoot days. It was shot entirely on the iPhone 6S. It was Chris’s first stunt fight project, and he learned a lot in the process of creating it. Big thanks to Stu Cooke who did most of the filming (we had to film a few pick-up shots and reshoots ourselves with some creativity). I handled most of the editing and sound effects, while Chris composed the music for it. Big thanks also to Ivette Hernadez who helped out on the shoot days while we set up shots. Here is one of my favourite photos that Ivette took behind the scenes:


Merry Christmas, everyone! Enjoy! 🙂

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One thought on “Nerf Warz: Dinner’s On

  1. Good job. I hope there weren’t too many accidents. (When I made a movie I kicked my friend by accident a few times. But I’m not a professional.) Also, you all were playing near a lot of hard surfaces with sharp edges.
    Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.

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