Celebrating Martial Arts Milestones

It’s important to live your life on purpose. Not to go through life letting everything happen without taking an active interest, but to have intentions for yourself so you keep developing as a person. When you achieve goals, it’s important to pay homage to them and celebrate the sense of accomplishment it brings.

I am celebrating a big milestone this week myself. I finished all the content for my book/DVD for Tuttle publishing and sent it off earlier this week. I officially started working on this book contract in February this year, developing a few chapters each month, doing hours of writing, photo shoots, etc. Then this past month most of my daytime hours were spent shooting video for the DVD then working with my editor to put it altogether coherently (HUGE thanks to Chris Olson for all his hard work too!). It was very satisfying to put it in the mail and complete the first stage of this massive project.
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