Should You Exercise/Train When Sick? 4 Factors to Consider

Should You Train Exercise While Sick? 4 Factors to ConsiderThe colder winter months are upon us and with them comes an increase in the spread of illness. While a regular regimen of exercise is an important component of maintaining a healthy immune system, people are often unsure of when it is okay to exercise or train after having been ill. Below are a few questions to ask before undertaking exercise while sick: (more…)

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4 Tips for Preventing Illness at the Dojo

4 Tips for Preventing Illness at the DojoRight now there are a few cold/flu bugs doing the rounds in the Vancouver area. I managed to catch one myself, I suspect from someone I trained with at another dojo over a week ago. I don’t usually get sick and when I do pick something up, my body is usually pretty good at shaking it off quickly. Not this time. I had to take it easy for nearly 4 days. (more…)

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