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Training to Do Breakfalls When Balance Is Actually Broken

Training to Do Breakfalls When Balance Is Actually BrokenWhile I was in New Zealand to teach seminars, I had the pleasure of doing some training with Jules Robson Sensei. One of the topics we spent a lot of time on was breakfalls, as you can see in the photo on the right taken at his dojo. He posited that many martial artists train their breakfalls in a more performance oriented way. By this I mean that the uke being thrown has full control over their balance and structure allowing them to get more leap and spring so as to enjoy greater control over one’s fall. When well trained, these falls and rolls look quite beautiful, but when applied as a response to a throw, it’s a beautiful lie.


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Connection & Subtlety for Improving Effectiveness of Throws

This past weekend I attended the Canadian Jiu-jitsu Union Invitational Summer Camp held in Sicamous BC. In its fifth year, this camp is a great chance to learn from some really talented instructors. In the five years I’ve been attending this camp it’s grown, and yet the level of instruction is consistently excellent, with all instructors contributing a high level of expertise. It’s unlike any other event I’ve attended as there are no weak links at the instructor level, and all the instructors, despite their long years of experience, are approachable, affable, and still learning. Their enthusiasm not just for teaching, but for learning from each other is really great to see, and there’s never been any of the one-upsmanship or arrogance that has been on display at some of the other events I’ve attended over the years.

As always, I try and take away concepts from these events, rather than specific techniques because I find concepts easier to remember and often have greater impact on my overall development. (more…)

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