Why I Sometimes Envy My Cats

Why I Sometimes Envy My CatsI am a cat owner with two bengal cats named River and Kaylee. I’ve always loved cats, but these two lovely girls are the first ones I ever owned. Because of their breed, they have an interesting mix of intelligence and wildly active natures, as well as the calm, cuddly characteristics of normal domestic cats.

I often look at my cats and feel envious of the way they live. Without even trying, they manage to live my ideal life. They run, jump, and play, essentially doing parkour all over the house. They play fight, and quite skilfully I might add. When they go outside, they are fully appreciative of nature all around them. They sleep well, always. They are friendly & social, and enjoy playing with the guests that come in and out of our home.¬†They even meditate, sitting calmly for long periods, not looking at anything in particular, fully immersed in the moment. They don’t worry about the future or obsess about the past. (more…)

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5 Tips for Practising Detachment in a Capitalist Culture

Kanji for Mindfulness

Detachment is widely considered a psychologically and spiritually healthy practice. But for many people in Western society, it is difficult to get into the habit as we are constantly bombarded with messages of things we should accumulate in our lives, including our home, car, personal possessions, relationships, accomplishments, experiences and overall lifestyles.

Being a martial artist has helped me learn to practice detachment, which has in turn made me a better martial artist over the long term. This has also extended into other areas of my life, giving me a happier, healthier existence. Below are 5 tips that have helped me in my practice of detachment and some resulting benefits of that practice. (more…)

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