Week 2: Round-Off/Cartwheel Counter to Throws

For my second week of my 52-week challenge, I decided to try something challenging that I’ve been interested in trying for a while; using a round-off/cartwheel as a way of countering a throw. I’ve seen this done most commonly against a shoulder throw, but it can be done against different types of throws. Here’s a video I used for inspiration:

Skill of The Cat Georgii Zantaraia JUDO IPPON

Amazing JUDOKA Skill of The Cat Georgii Zantaraia JUDO IPPON

Posted by JUDO IPPON on Sunday, September 14, 2014

This is not the sort of thing you’re likely to do very smoothly on your first try. It definitely requires some practice with a co-operative partner. I’m not so convinced it’s very likely to be used against someone doing a committed throw, but it does teach you a lot about air sense and could be a cool move to use in a fight scene for a film (something I’ll be keeping in mind). And who knows? You might just pull it off as a counter to a real throw when you least expect it.

Tips for Those Who Want to Try This

I was working with my usual partner Chris who’s 6’2″ (I am a mere 5’4″). It quickly became obvious that this move wasn’t going to happen for me against a shoulder throw by Chris, even with cooperation. The leverage point for the throw (the shoulder) is just way to high for me to get around in time to do the cartwheel before my legs are well past my hips, necessitating a breakfall. We switched over to a koshi guruma (hip wheel) and it made a lot more sense. Chris still had to be really cooperative and not use the full thrust of his hips so that I could get the rotation for the round-off (it is more of a round-off than a cartwheel really, in my opinion). Even then, I had to be ready for at least a 1/2 foot drop down onto my hand before I could complete the move. As you can see in the video below, I’m still working on it. Basically, if your hips tip past the hand that’s going into the round-off, you’ll probably need to abandon the technique and do a breakfall. If possible, try doing this move with a partner that’s closer to your height and you’ll find it a lot easier.

If you decide to give this a whirl for yourself, let me know how it works out for you in the comments. 🙂

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