Week 3: Sacrifice Throw from Handshake Position

This week’s technique was an easier one for me, while being a little more challenging for my uke. In this technique, I kick my leg over the handshake while grabbing the back of the neck, then drop to the ground. My leg and hand serve as an anchor so all I need to do is drop down on an angle so my partner has no choice but to go down, as you can see in the video below.

The reason why this particular technique is more challenging for uke┬áis that the shoulder is essentially locked by the leg and with the added weight of the leg as well as my body weight due to the hand anchor on the neck, it’s a lot harder to jump out of the lock to create more room to fall safely. Uke thus needs to rotate quite quickly while dropping straight down on the spot in order to fall comfortably. To make it quite a bit safer, the person doing the throw can let go once balance is taken to give them more space to fall. The added bonus for film performers is that it looks more dramatic when done this way.

Here is the original video I saw the technique in (0:21).

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