Week 4-6: The Sambo Mambo

3 Sambo ThrowsI had a busy week the other week, involving a couple of days of stunt work on the 100, and this week I’ll be heading to Toronto for the week, so this week, I’m covering 3 techniques to keep my weekly techniques covered.

I found 3 different Sambo throws that caught my eye and decided to learn them by teaching them to my students on an alternative curriculum day, which happen to coincide with the 10-year anniversary celebration for my dojo. Here is the video of me doing the 3 different throws:

The first one, the arm pin sacrifice throw, would be a handy counter against an o-soto gari (major outer reaping throw). Or maybe one could go in to do one’s own o-soto gari to try and entice the opponent to do their own o-soto gari as a counter and when they do, drop them with this sacrifice throw. I know it sounds convoluted but I am confident this would work well. In the video I found this throw in, the grip is more under the arm pit whereas I completed the throw straight from the gi grip, but it was essentially the same mechanics.

The second throw, the over the chest pick-up throw is basically a suplex from a side-on position. It interested me particularly because there aren’t a lot of throws that come from that particular angle. When I taught my students this one, I had them practice their bridging and rolling because the throw is very similar to that action. This throw can be quite brutal, so I had the less experienced students do a version of it in which they don’t lift their partner off the ground, rather than grab on and sink back into the twist so the throw isn’t so big. It’s a good idea to use a thicker crash mat if you’re going to attempt the bigger version of the throw.

The above two throws can be found in this YouTube video at 17:25 and 2:10 respectively:

The third throw, the inside thigh lift, can be done staying standing or going to the ground with your partner similar to the second throw. I decided to do the version in which you stay standing. The video I watched showed this version which was done with the person more bent over, and because my partner has a much longer torso and I have shorter legs, the takedown ended up being more around the shin area, though still effective. I’ll attempt the sacrifice version of this throw on another day (perhaps with someone not quite as tall) but the version I attempted is in this video at 1:50:

It’s fun to check out throwing techniques from other similar disciplines because you usually find all sorts of interesting variation on things that are quite similar in your own style. If you try any of these techniques, let me know how it goes in the comments. 🙂

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