Self-Defense Articles

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Author: Lori O'Connell
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Why Grappling is More Effective in the Ring Than in Reality
6 Tactical Disadvantages of Fighting on the Ground

4 Common Problems with Women's Self-Defense Classes
Make Sure You're Learning What You Need to Know!

What Every Woman Ought to Know about Self-Defense
The Anatomy of an Attack and How to Deal with One

How Much Physical Force Can You Use to Defend Yourself?
Find Out Using Section 34 of the Canadian Criminal Code

The Importance of Surprise in Self-Defense
Increase the Effectiveness of Your Defense with these Concepts

How to Avoid Looking Like an Easy Victim
Body Language Advice for Women to Help Avoid Being Attacked

Running Safety
15 Streetwise Tips for Runners and Joggers

Everything You Need to Know About Transportation Safety
More Than 50 Tips to Travel More Safely

Home Safety Practices for Everyone
25 Ways to Increase Your Home Security

Safety Rules for Women at Bars/Clubs

How to Avoid & Deal with Cyberstalking

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