My 36th Year Birthday Bounce

My 36th Year Birthday BounceI woke up yesterday morning to my 36th birthday, contemplating what I wanted to do to celebrate on the day. I had coffee in bed with my husband then decided to start off the day with a bang by going out for a 5k run, using the new 5k race mission that was added to Zombies, Run!, the game that got me back into the running regime.

I knew I wanted to be at the dojo for the two adult classes in the evening, even though my second in command offered to let me take the night off for my birthday. Honestly, most of my friends are through the dojo, and I haven’t been able to be at the Tuesday and Thursday classes for the past couple of weeks due to the movie work I do on the side, so I really just wanted to be there. I taught the first class and trained in the second with Chris Sensei running the show.

As part of my birthday, I decided to revisit an old tradition from my teen years; the birthday bounce. For this tradition, a student gets thrown a number of times equal to their birthday years. It may sound brutal, but it’s all in good fun. Watch the video below of the event. For final throw, the shoulder wheel, I fell from nearly 6 feet. Hence the little yelp of anticipation. I had never been thrown from that high before. I’m happy to say that it wasn’t a problem. Still got it! 🙂 After my birthday bounce, Chris Sensei ran  a throwing class, which I of course participated in, and he used me as uke the whole time. I’m feeling pretty tenderized today. Good times! 🙂

I hope to make my 36th year a special one, giving back to the world as much as possible through my writing, training and teaching!

Do you have any birthday traditions at your martial arts school? I’d love to hear about them in the comments. 🙂

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  1. wow, that was took a lot of hard falls, for my 44th I dont think my body can take that anymore after so many years of training..maybe I will do rounds of sparring instead…way to go

  2. Congrats on your birthday: I wish you many good years to come. We don’t really have a tradition regarding birthdays, except maybe to go for a drink after training.

    Interesting ritual btw, I guess that’s one way to be reminded you’re not 21 anymore… Will you still adhere to this tradition when you’re 50?

  3. The positive lifestyle is obviously doing well for you Lori, I would have guessed you were a lot younger.

    Congratulations on your B-day, and good for you for being such a good sport with your students!

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