Kids Martial Arts in Richmond BC

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At PWJJ, we provide age-specific martial arts programs designed to teach with each age range’s developmental needs in mind.

The 5-7 year-old class uses martial arts skills and exercises as a platform for developing physical, intellectual, social and emotional skills for their age range. The Junior Jiu-jitsu class for 8-10 year olds introduces the Can-ryu Jiu-jitsu curriculum emphasizing self-defense applications with some modifications keeping their children's mental and physical developmental stage in mind.

For all our kids martial arts programs, we provide a fun, safe & positive learning environment in which your child develops confidence, focus and self-esteem. Give your child a head start in life with a base of skills that will help them excel in martial arts, sports and life! Please visit the links below for details about each program:

Jiu-jitsu Tykes (5-7 years)
Junior Jiu-jitsu (8-10 years)