Our Mission

What would help you live a more fulfilling life? Learning a new skill? Improving your fitness? Increasing mental or physical confidence? Meeting like-minded people?

Everyone who trains at our dojo has their own personal goals. Their diversity is reflective of the Canadian experience; they are doctors, police officers, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, students, etc, of all ages, ethnicities and physical capabilities. They're all part of a friendly, welcoming community who will shake the hand of anyone who commits themselves to learning the art of Jiu-jitsu and self-defense. When we train, we train among friends. And everyone is just as interested in helping their fellow students achieve their goals as they are in pursuing their own.

We believe that everyone can train in Jiu-jitsu in some capacity, even if they can't do every part of a standard class or every part of our usual curriculum. People can find ways to train around injuries or physical disabilities if they're motivated and willing to accept that it might take special efforts and adjustments.

The instructors and students of Pacific Wave Jiu-jitsu are all dedicated to cultivating this positive, mutually supportive atmosphere, to better ourselves and the greater community. It's this mission that got us voted as a top pick in the 2014 'Best of Richmond' by the community in the Richmond Review. We invite you to join us in this mission.