Martial Arts / Self-Defense Seminars

Lori O’Connell Sensei is always willing to accommodate invitations to teach seminars for local schools (elementary, secondary, universities or colleges), law enforcement / security organizations, community groups, other martial arts schools or other private groups, either on site at your location or at our dojo. Here are some examples of seminar topics we can offer:
  • “Simple Hold Escape System”
  • Self-Defense for Busy Women
  • Taking a Stand: Bully-Proofing Tactics for Kids
  • Abduction Prevention Tactics
  • The “Police Pressure Points System”
  • Persuader (Kubaton) Applications
  • Joint locks & Come-alongs
  • Throws & Takedowns
  • High Stress Sparring Against Multiple Attackers
  • Ground Defense I: Foundations & Defenses Against Common Attacks
  • Ground Defense II: Submission Grappling Defenses
  • Ground Defense III: Multiple Attackers & Knife Defense
  • Knife Defense
  • Blunt Weapon Defense (i.e. Bottles, Clubs, Bats)
  • And more…


Requesting a Can-ryu Jiu-jitsu Seminar

Not all seminar topics are appropriate for any group, depending on the participants’ background and experience, as well as the facilities available. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, to request a specific seminar or to discuss other potential topics. Learn more about Lori O'Connell Sensei's approach to teaching seminars.

*Special Rates for Community Groups
PWJJ is committed to serving the community and offers discounted rates for non-profit, community-oriented groups. Please contact us for specifics.