Dojo Training Fees

Free Trial Classes for New Adult Members

All new adult students are entitled to 2 free trial classes* to see what it's like. Contact us ahead of time to set up an appointment so we can properly prepare for your introductory lessons. You may wear a loose pair of pants and a T-shirt for your trial lessons. If you have a groin protector, bring it along too.

Students under 19 will need to have a parent or legal guardian sign our liability waiver on their behalf.
(*Both free trial classes must be taken within a period of 1 week and are only for local residents.)

Training Fee Structure as of February 2020

Jiu-jitsu Tykes

This martial arts class for 5-7 year olds is taught in a 10-week semester system rather than a monthly payment system. The pricing is as follows:

Junior Jiu-jitsu

This martial arts class for 8-10 year olds is taught in a 10-week semester system rather than a monthly payment system. The pricing is as follows:

Adult Jiu-jitsu

This Jiu-jitsu class for adults runs continually and students can join at any time. The pricing is as follows:

*All fees are subject to GST. There are no refunds for package discounted payment options.

In addition, each new student is also required to pay a one-time $40 administrative fee. Check out the Jiu-jitsu Tykes, Junior Jiu-jitsu or Adult Jiu-jitsu pages for more info on the classes and enrolling.

Family Discounts

If you and another member of your family household train at our dojo, the second person gets a 15% on their semester (kids programs) or 3 month membership (adult programs). Note: The lower priced option receives the discount. Offers & discounts cannot be combined.

Drop-in / Private Training Fees

Drop-ins are $30 per class. Drop-ins are for guest students only, and are not intended for regular attendance. Please contact us to make arrangements ahead of time. Private lessons are $90 for non-members and $55 for members per 1-hour lesson. Contact us for special group rates.

Self-Defense for Busy Women Fees

Our women's self-defense class costs $50 (taxes included) per person to participate. These classes are held every 1-2 months. Self-Defense for Busy Women participants also have the new student admin fee waived (Value: $40) if they sign up for any ongoing training program offered at our dojo within 1 month.

Peronalized Gift Certificates

Want to buy a membership package or women's self-defense class as a gift? We provide personalized gift certificate for all our programs. Contact us to arrange your purchase.

Equipment & Additional Costs

All equipment is available through the dojo at discounted prices for members. These are the equipment requirements for training in our Jiu-jitsu classes:

  • A Japanese style martial arts uniform (a gi in Japanese) with dojo crest: This can be a karate style uniform (heavy or medium thickness) or a Judo style uniform.
  • Groin protection: This is required for both men and women to participate in any of our class types.

When Jiu-jitsu students are ready, they are given a grading to test their skills to ensure they are ready for the next level of training. Belt tests up to the brown belt level are all $45. This includes a personal pre-test session, the belt test itself, new belt and a certificate.