Why Train Here?

There are lots of other martial arts schools around. So what makes us any different?
  • Friendly Atmosphere. Our dojo prides itself in creating a welcoming, mutually supportive atmosphere in which all students can thrive and achieve their training goals. Everyone looks forward to coming in to train because they do so among friends. We all have fun when we train and you'll find no macho or overly rigid attitudes here! Read Our Mission.
  • Age-specific Training. Our classes are all designed for specific age groups, including adult (15+) as well as our Ready-Set-Kiai class (3-4), Jiu-jitsu Tykes class (5-7) and our Junior Jiu-jitsu class (8-10). This ensures that the students of each class are working with other students who at are a similar level of physical, mental and social maturity.
  • More Personalized Training. Many martial arts schools will take as many people as they can leading to overcrowded classes in which students don't receive the attention they need to learn. We intentionally keep our student roster smaller so that we can provide more personal attention to our students. Our average class sizes are 8 - 10 students.
  • Reasonable Pricing. Have you noticed how many martial arts schools aren't up front about their pricing? That's because many of them charge an arm and a leg for training. They hope that if they 'wow' you enough with their trial lessons that you'll pay more than is reasonable. Some schools will start with a great "new student offer" only to jack up the price once you're hooked. Our price structure is fully laid out with no hidden fees and we keep our prices lower than average to make it more accessible to a wider range of people.
  • Open Training Time. We also have an optional 2-hour open mat session two Sundays a month open to all adult students. Many students find this valuable for working on specific skills they'd like more focus on.
  • Self-Defense Specialists. Our style is specifically oriented toward developing practical self-defense skills rather than competition skills. Martial arts training for the street is very different than it is for tournaments. That why our style has a strong presence in Canadian police defensive training.
  • Dojo Social Events. A big part of why our adult members stay with us is because they love the people they train with. This extends outside classes into dojo social events, like our weekly wing night at Fogg N Sudds restaurant, paintball parties, hikes/runs, and our annual dojo BBQ and Xmas parties. These give students the opportunity to have fun in a more social setting and get to know each other better.
  • Safer Training Area. We have spared no expense to provide the best possible surface for taking impacts when doing breakfalls with the best quality martial arts mats laid on top of a custom-built sprung floor. This gives our students a safer, more comfortable training experience than is available at most other dojos.
  • Specialized Training Sessions. Every few months we bring in guest instructors from other disciplines and dojos to provide specialized training sessions to provide a broader experience. Past sessions have included law enforcement tactics, Aikido principles, KoKoDo Jujutsu & Shiatsu, foam rollers, specialized weapon training, etc.
Read what others have to say on our testimonial page. Or contact us now to book your 2 free trial lessons. Still trying to decide on a dojo? Read this article on how to choose a martial arts school.