Why I Sometimes Envy My Cats

Why I Sometimes Envy My CatsI am a cat owner with two bengal cats named River and Kaylee. I’ve always loved cats, but these two lovely girls are the first ones I ever owned. Because of their breed, they have an interesting mix of intelligence and wildly active natures, as well as the calm, cuddly characteristics of normal domestic cats.

I often look at my cats and feel envious of the way they live. Without even trying, they manage to live my ideal life. They run, jump, and play, essentially doing parkour all over the house. They play fight, and quite skilfully I might add. When they go outside, they are fully appreciative of nature all around them. They sleep well, always. They are friendly & social, and enjoy playing with the guests that come in and out of our home.ย They even meditate, sitting calmly for long periods, not looking at anything in particular, fully immersed in the moment. They don’t worry about the future or obsess about the past.

405268_10150609508340269_308322973_nThis is essentially the life I try to live and they live it, without even thinking about it. While their life is exceptionally easy being domestic animals and all, their thought processes wouldn’t be all that different in the wild. Sure, they would have to work harder to find food, and take measures to stay safer, but their mentality wouldn’t change. They don’t think about it. They just live their lot in life and follow their instincts without judgement or thought as to whether what they are doing is “good enough.” They live in a constant state of acceptance. That doesn’t mean they don’t ask for things. If they see me outside, they will often meow, wanting to come outside too. Even when they do this though, it’s a means to an end. If they go out, great! If they don’t, they eventually move on to other things. They don’t stew in anger or disappointment. That being said, if something is important enough, they’ll keep asking for it if it’s in short supply, even try to get it for themselves (like when they’re hungry and their bowl is empty).

Even though I sometimes envy my cats, I am glad I have them. They serve as a constant reminder of how to live a good life. I love my sweet, little Zen masters. ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you have a pet that serves as a life model to you in some way? If so, how? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I like cats too: there’s just something about their feline grace, willfulness (in my country there’s a saying about cats owning humans and not the other way around since they pretty much do whatever they want unlike dogs who are generally more obedient), playfulness and social nature (rubbing up against one’s legs in order to be scratched) that’s quite appealing. Next week or the week after my brother will drop off his cat here since he and his girlfriend have moved to an appartment where it’s difficult and certainly not healthy to keep animals so she’ll come live with us. She’s about 10 years old, already had babies once (she’s sterilized now) and she’s an adorable little thing with a hard edge about her when it comes to defending her territory. It’ll be nice to have her living here, we have a garden so she’ll be able to run outside and there’s not a lot of traffic so it won’t be that dangerous. She just has to watch out for the two big dogs owned by one of the neighbours but I guess she’ll be smart enough to avoid those.

    My teacher (used to call him sensei but now we train JKD and kali so much it’s hard to determine whether to call him sensei, sifu or guru) has three cats and two of them are quite playful too: once a week I train at his place and they always clamour for attention sooner or later. It’s true about the mock fighting: sometimes they’ll go at each other like master martial artists and I sometimes joke about how well he has trained them. One of them is really friendly towards me (and to other visitors I imagine) yet he seems to be the terror of the neighbourhood, at least when it comes to the other felines.

    Animals in general are prety great: they are always honest (if they like you you’ll imidiately know, if they don’t same thing), in contrast to a large portion of mankind, and it’s always calming to observe them. It’s quite true animals have it far better than we in a number of ways: they don’t need to think things over (they just act on instinct), they don’t compare themselves to others, they don’t fret over past problems, they just eat, sleep, hunt, play and procreate without abstract concepts like past, present, future, morality, meaning, goals etcetera. Your comparison between the way animals generally live (absent pain, confinement or illness) and Zen-adherents was quite apt. Zazen teaches one to be in the moment and live and act more natural, thus relieving a lot of stress and suffering.

    May you and your kittens enjoy a long and healthy life together.

  2. I have always had cats. I have always envied them too. When my Siamese was getting on we would lay on the couch together and I was in heaven. “This is what life is about” I would say to myself and smile. I do that with the cat I have now. I tell him how much he means to me and we snuggle for hours.

  3. Always been told the best kung fu artist is a cat always watch and learn the way they approach life and unfortunatly sometimes combat

  4. I am definitely envious of the way they are able to move and be light on their feet. If I could only maneuver the way they are able to.

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